Ferry With 17 Trucks Capsizes In Manikganj’s Paturia

A vessel carrying 17 trucks overturned in Manikganj's Paturia early on Wednesday morning.

The incident occurred in ghat 5 at approximately 9:45am. According to Zillar Rahman, deputy General manager of BIWTC in Paturia Ghat.

Shivalaya upazila UNO Jasmin Sultana claimed that the ferry "Amanat Shah" capsized when it was an anchoring in the terminal.

The tilt began just after unloading three vehicles from the ghat.

There has been no reports of casualties at this time.

The ferry took passengers to Paturia via Daulatdia ghat.

Fire Service and BIWTC are co-operating in a rescue mission.

Civil Defence's vice assistant director Shariful Islam said, "Two of them are involved in the rescue mission. Two teams from Dhaka are on their way."

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